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Christian Moms of Teens

This is a place where mom's of teens can come and share their feelings, frustrations and laughter etc...about their teens and even young adults still at home. There are so many differences in a Christian Family raising a teen, than a non-christian family raising a teen. The values are very different. Please feel free to ask questions and give advice and even pray for one another! Don't be shy! i love to have a good converstion...


16th bday for a boy

My son is turning 16 in a few months. He is my ONLY child. I have always given him amazing bday parties for the mile stone bdays. OK, who am I kidding, he has always had a...


Ideas for 16th birthday party

Hi everyone, , , i'm wondering 'WHY' nobody has commented on my request here on this community. My feelings are somewhat hurt because it seems as if you are passing me up. I am...


Purity Ring Ceremony.... Ideas anyone?

I'm planning to have a purity ring ceremony at my church for my daughter on her 15th birthday. But here's my problem... I Have NO IDEA what to do. I had been planning on giving...



Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to view only the most recents posts (say...within the last 12 months)??? Or am I doing something wrong? Is there a way?


Christian mom's book club

Ladies, I have finally started a community " Christian Mom's Book Club" if you are interested please visit the community and let me know you are interested and what books you...


Text Guard

Has anyone used text guard before? i heard about it on TV tonight where you can monitor your teens conversations.


Teenagers and music

I have three teenagers from 14 to 17. They listen to country which I'm ok with. They listens to tons of christian bands as well. But lately they are asking why they can't listen...


Teens and myspace

What do you think about your teen being on myspace or facebook? Is it good or bad? Do you monitor what is being said on there? Are you on their friends list?