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speech problems

i have twins born in april 07. one talks very good, and one doesnt. is this normal for twins to be so different? the one that talks good is the small twin and the one that...


Do your Twins sleep TOGETHER ?

Im 29 weeks pregnant and i was just setting up the playpen w/ bassinet in our bedroom last night in preparation for their arrival..and i had plans to get a second one as i know...


poo on the walls

alright ladies, I am desperate now! My twins are closing in on 4 years old, they are still not speaking and not potty trained, not so much of a problem with some professional...



My boys will be a year on December 18th. Lately they have become super clingy to me. They fight over my attention, climb all over me, knock each other down to get the closest...


Forgot to mention

They also know their colors and shapes. Vision and hearing tests were passed. Thank you


Belly Bands

Anyone have a particular band to recommend? I have spanx but I wanted something just to go around my waist/stomach area. Thanks!


Bedtime routine

Any advice on how /when both twins will be able to be read to before going to bed? They are 13 mos. old. (born early at 32 wks gestation). I really want to read a book to them...



Does anyone have any good nap schedules I can start my 4 month old twins on? Any suggestions or pointers to get them started would be great. I am a working nursing/pumping...


over whelemed

WOW sometimes i fell so over-whelemed with everything and really wish i could talk to someone that understood the way that i felt


Potty Training twins

Hi I am the mother of twin boys nearly 21/2 years old and still have no real interest in potty training. I don't know if i should push the issue or not and i'm not even sure...


What is your biggest challenge?

With twins and higher order multiples (trips or more, and more than one set) we come up against "different" challenges than singleton mommies. How to grocery shop when the cart...