3 month old nap schedule

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Does anyone have their 3 month old on a schedule. I know that babies should get about 15hrs of sleep. My son sleeps well at night, but I want to schedule his naps so he gets good sleep and I can run errands around his schedule. Otherwise he gets overtired. Anyone have a 3 month old nap schedule?


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I am having the same problem working out a 3 month old nap schedule. My little girl is always happy until I try and put her down for a nap and she won't go to sleep. She cries and she won't even be nursed to sleep! I think I need to get on a routine to help her and me!!

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I had read that babies cannot tolerate being awake for more than 2 hrs at a time They start getting irritable and their brain releases a chemical tha tells them to stay awake. So after 1 1/2 hrs when my son yawns I pick him up, rock him and he goes to sleep. That is as much of a 3 month old schedule I have right now.

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I try to put my baby to bed around 8 at night, but most of the time it doesn't work out that way. I normally have to hold him until he falls asleep. During the day, naps are rare. One thing that does work beautifully is the Snugli. Now, this doesn't make doing chores and such easy, but if you're sitting to read or on the computer, you can steal a couple of hours this way while they sleep against your body and you have your hands free!

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Lily is my first baby- so maybe im just lucky =) but she also sleeps VERY well at night- usually in bed by 11 and sleeps until 7 or 8- sometimes 9. every now and then she does wake up in the middle of the night but she will just get a diaper change, nurse and go back to sleep all within about 30 min. during the day she naps 2 GOOD times... like maybe 1.5-2hrs. usually one time in the a.m- after some cereal and nursing- around 10 or so- then the second one around 3 or 4- she does take a couple cat naps in between only lasting about 30min. only thing i can say is to try to wake them up and keep them awake for at least 2 or 3 hrs. b4 you try to get them to nap- you might have to do this for a few weeks but waking your baby at certain times and keeping them awake will allow you to put them on the schedule you want. its hard sometimes with a really sleepy baby but worth it!!! Good luck with your 3 month old nap schedule!!!

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molly was born 12th of march10 and she sleeps from 7.45pm till 7.30am. during the day she naps for atleast 30 mins after each feed. i must be really lucky cos i have friends who's little one barely sleeps during the day and still wakes in the night.


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Take notice of the times they go down for a nap and for how long. Then work a schedule based on your babies normal naturally set schedule. But around six months you can really enforce a actual schedule. If you have a carseat carrier and he naps in the seat sometimes its a good thing.

But go with the flow. Once he goes down start your errand prep then as soon as he wakes, change diapers and a quick feeding then out the door you go.

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Mine sleeps from 8pm to 8am and takes 2 naps about anhr or so apiece

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